A Look At The Reasons Storytelling Sells In Digital Marketing

From well-written websites to emotionally provocative brand story videos, many modern-day companies utilize storytelling in their digital marketing strategies, and it is not without reason. With the right story elements in place, you could easily position your brand as more memorable and more sustainable over the long term. Storytelling goes far beyond the typical efforts of showing people what you have to offer and hoping they will see enough value to make a purchase. Take a look at just a few of the advantages of incorporating storytelling elements into your digital marketing plans as a business owner. 

People automatically have an affinity for stories. 

Stories have been used in so many ways over the years to help people grasp certain concepts and ideas. For example, in education, difficult concepts are often broken down into stories so students can better understand the concept. According to the Content Marketing Institute, the human brain is actually programmed in a way that makes it better respond to stories; neural activity is five times more when the brain is hearing a good story. When you use storytelling in your branded marketing efforts and content, you are building a direct connection to your audience. 

Stories can help a brand be a hero in the eyes of a customer. 

Examples of websites that use storytelling are easy to find because so many brands have adopted this type of strategy in their digital marketing efforts. Some strategies involve placing the customer as a character with a problem and the brand as the obvious or unspoken hero that has the solution. Highly based on storytelling attributes, this way of positioning a brand can be more effective than it sounds. By positioning your brand as the hero with the solution, you are solidifying a more concrete connection to your customer that may yield long-term brand attachment. 

A good brand story can make you more memorable. 

The human brain remembers information better when it comes along with a story. For example, if a diaper company simply tells you that their diapers are great, you may or may not remember that brand. However, if that same company tells you how they worked to make sure diapers were available to low-income families within a community, you will be more likely to remember that brand. Brand stories can invoke a sense of emotion, and emotion is always more memorable to a consumer than general sales speak. 

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