Include These Four Must-Have Features In Your Website's Design

Developing a good website is critical to many organizations. Website design, though, can present some challenges. If you're preparing to work with a website design services firm like The King Group on a new site or a redesign, you will want to include the following four must-have features.

Responsive Design

A sizeable portion of the public now uses websites on non-standard screens. Worse, the screens come in all shapes and sizes because they're attached to everything from phones and tablets to fridges and cars. This presents a notable problem in the world of website design.

Fortunately, a solution exists. Responsive design is an approach that allows a website to automatically recalibrate itself to whatever viewport it's one. If you've ever used a size that looked different on your phone versus your laptop, there's a good chance it was using a responsive solution.

Notably, this approach ensures a single link will work for all users. If someone shares a page from their phone and their friend opens it on a desktop, they'll both be able to view it without trouble.

Minimal Layout

Some websites cram lots of images, buttons, links, and text into the viewing space. This can be challenging for viewers, especially if they're not familiar with the layout. Especially if you expect to get a lot of first-time traffic, your website design should take a minimal approach to layout. Stick to the basics, such as clear headers that state your brand and provide links to key pieces of information. A two- to three-column layout at most is ideal if you need to present extra content.

Site Management

Regardless of the goal of the website, it should employ some sort of management tool. These will vary based on the purpose. If you're going to have a lot of written material on the site, invest in a content management system. There are also similar systems for shopping carts, customer relations, forums, and other common web activities.

You may need to set up multiple systems if you plan to do more than one thing with the site. Many sites employ subdomains so they can segregate these functions. If you've ever been on a site that had web addresses like and, then you've probably been on one that used multiple solutions.


All websites should allow people to contact you. Even if your site isn't meant to be contact-heavy, it should employ contact forms and email addresses so folks can query you. If you're trying to develop engagement, it's also a good idea to provide links to your social media profiles.