3 Tips For Monetizing Mobile Traffic To A Responsive Website

Having a responsive website is critical for making sure your traditional website is also suitable for mobile viewing. However, many forms of monetization do not translate well in a mobile format. To avoid losing out on precious income, there are ways to monetize your website traffic.

Stick With Banner Ads

Banner ads will be the least intrusive form of advertising on your website since they work well in both desktop and mobile format. One of the biggest hurdles with mobile advertising is having ads that become a nuisance to mobile viewers. These types of ads include pop-ups, ads that cover the entire screen, or ones where the "X" is not easy to find. When these issues occur, the viewer will likely leave your website and be less likely to return for fear of encountering similar problems. When you include banner ads on your website, simply place them at the top of the page. Be sure the ads you choose are also responsive so they immediately adjust in size based on the viewer's device. Otherwise, you risk having a large ad that fills the screen and requires the viewer to scroll past the ad in order to view the rest of the page on their mobile device.

Incorporate Affiliate Links

Affiliate links are the least intrusive method of monetizing mobile traffic because the link will look the same on both desktop and mobile devices. If you are unfamiliar with affiliate links, the quickest way to start is by joining affiliate programs from major retailers. The retailers will give you a link that has your affiliate code embedded in the URL, so when viewers click on the link you will gain a percentage of the sale. In some cases, you will gain a portion of the sale, even if it is not the item you were promoting. Affiliate programs also differ on the time frame when you can receive commission. In some cases, if the viewer does not make a purchase after clicking the link, but makes the purchase later, you will not earn commission. For some programs, even if the person makes a purchase a couple of days after clicking your link, you still earn a commission. Whenever possible, try to work with affiliate programs that give you the most leeway on earning commission.

Find Sponsorship Opportunities

Another way to capitalize on mobile traffic is by finding sponsorship opportunities. As your website grows, companies will likely reach out to you and want to sponsor posts or videos featuring their product. In the meantime, you may need to seek out these opportunities on your own. If your website has a good amount of traffic, such as 10,000 unique visitors each month, a company may be more willing to work with you. There are also websites where smaller content creators can find sponsorship opportunities. This works better if your website has coordinating social media platforms. On these websites, companies generally post what they want from content creators and their form of compensation. Content creators can apply for these opportunities.

Appealing to both a desktop and mobile viewer can be difficult, but using the minimal effective options will help you monetize both types of traffic. For more information about self serve mobile advertising, search for local companies.