3 Tips For Cannabis Branding

Branding yourself as a cannabis business can be harder than other types of businesses. Fine-tuning your approach to align with your objectives and any marketing limitations in the cannabis industry can help you successfully brand your business.

Start With Your Identity

Creating a unique identity will be part of your branding strategy and help you stand out among other dispensaries. Part of your identity might be contingent upon your market, such as medicinal or recreational cannabis use. For example, if your brand is geared toward medicinal cannabis use, your website will likely be friendly, but authoritative and informational. A recreational cannabis dispensary might try to adopt an edgy and trendy approach. For dispensaries that need to appeal to both clients, you will need to find a way to merge both approaches and appeal to a wider demographic. Some of your identity will be obvious in your logo and website design. People who are seeking relief from different medical issues might find cool colors and sleek, professional branding more in-line with their needs.

Use Effective Marketing

The more you can market your business, the easier it will be to brand yourself. Since marketing cannabis products can be tricky, you will want to rely on softer approaches. A strong online presence will be the easiest way to market and gain an edge over your competition. You may also want to try using gear as a way to market your business. Selling gear in your store and finding events to give promotional items might help. Consider having reusable shopping bags with your logo on them. When clients make purchases, you can encourage them to add a shopping bag to their purchase for a small fee, in hopes of them walking out of your store with their new bag in-hand.

Develop Packaging

Your branding can also come in the form of packaging for the products you sell. Packaging design is not only about placing your logo on different products, but you may want your packaging to be user-friendly and functional. You may want to have packages that are designed to be arthritis-friendly to appeal to clients with chronic pain or those will physical limitations. Since cannabis is considered a natural treatment, it only makes sense to use packaging that is made from recycled products and is biodegradable. Discreetness can also be a factor in the packaging you choose. Your clients may prefer if their cannabis products resemble other vape juices or edible products and are not necessarily labeled as cannabis.

The major factor in successful branding is to have a unique identity and stick with it. Also, understanding your core demographic will make it easier to create a strategy that attracts and retains clients. Contact a cannabis branding agency for more help.